About us

A team of experienced professionals capable of advising your intellectual property at 360°.


As of 1 October 2023 the activity of FIAMMENGHI–FIAMMENGHI merged into PRAXI IP Suisse.

The firm has been active since 1938 and, thanks to its long-standing activity, has been able to develop an in-depth knowledge of local economic and social dynamics, as well as the specific entrepreneurial needs of Swiss operators, regardless of company size and sector of operation.

Furthermore, the longevity of the firm has allowed it to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the operational practice of the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property and its evolution over time, as well as being able to establish consolidated relationships with the best foreign correspondents active in the sector of intellectual property protection. Industrial and Intellectual Property, worldwide.

PRAXI Intellectual Property is an Industrial and Intellectual Property consultancy affiliated with PRAXI SpA, an Italian management consulting firm.

PRAXI IP provides Clients with consulting activities at 360°, which allows them to protect and enhance all intangible assets: trademarks, patents, utility models, designs and copyright. The range of services, the global network of partners and correspondents, and the cutting-edge technological solutions, are the strengths of our consulting support, but it is the experience and passion of our Team that makes the difference, so as to be able to build a long-lasting partnership of value.