Design refers to the aesthetic appearance of a tangible or intangible product, or of a part thereof, in such a way as to identify a new creative form.

Within the definition of a new creative form, it is possible to identify two-dimensional forms, e.g. the pattern of a fabric, the graphic user interface or the label of a bottle, and three-dimensional forms as well, such as a watch, a lamp or a chair.
With the design, it is possible to protect the appearance of the entire product, whether tangible or intangible, or a specific part as it results, in particular, from the characteristics of the lines, contours, colours, shape of the surface structure and/or materials of the product and/or its ornamentation.

Among our services, we advise our clients on how to protect their aesthetic creations using the design IP right alone or in combination with other kinds of IP rights, file and obtain design applications in any country and in any technological field.
Working directly with the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property in Bern, the Italian Patent and Trademark Office in Rome, the European Patent Office in Munich and the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva, we have a worldwide extensive experience in filing and obtaining designs and in managing their publication as well.