Every client is unique

From large companies to private inventors: we offer different solutions to protect and empower the ip assets of each and everyone.


PRAXI IP clients operate in all the main business sectors: from engineering to mechanics and electronics, chemicals to materials science, agri-food sector to biotechnologies, paper companies to nautical/marine companies, electric and electro-mechanical equipment to medical devices, telecommunications to software and hardware, high-volume consumer goods to textiles and fashion; these are just a few of the most important sectors, as well as the derivative sectors where many more disciplines often coexist.

From a small family reality, where the approach to intellectual property may be just a recent discovery, to a typical medium-size company, which is growing abroad and needs to protect itself, to a large enterprise, with a large portfolio, often managed partly with internal resources; PRAXI IP is always able to dedicate the people geared most to the different situations, fully aware of how important it is to create a situation of reciprocal trust.

Frequently, small commercial realties and single inventors turn to PRAXI IP: everyone finds support that is suitable to their own specific requirements.



In a small family reality, protection of its know-how and image may be a recent discovery, perhaps originated following a strong drive towards internationalisation, and careful management of the budget remains a fundamental element.
For a typical medium-size company, a farsighted protection strategy turns into an important element to protect its growth, and therefore becomes important in order to define the most appropriate strategies to optimise costs and effectiveness, often defining a gradual path to take.
For large enterprises with a large portfolio, often managed by internal resources, PRAXI IP is able to dedicate the people geared most to the specific requirements, fully aware of how important it is to operate in a structured and organised way, guaranteeing an appropriate and timely response and amplitude of service.



The approach to intellectual property is very different depending on the dimension and sector in which one operates, and based upon the extension of the portfolio. However, whoever has specific requirements concerning intellectual property or similar, finds PRAXI IP ready to listen and suggest the best strategies.
PRAXI IP is able to assist the small commercial realties and single inventors that can find support appropriate to their specific needs, suitable for the budget available.
In particular, our consultants provide personalised and optimised solutions, valuating them beforehand so that the client can choose what path to follow in order to develop and optimise their invention. Out consultancy support is extended to operations to be carried out abroad.



PRAXI IP knows very well the complex world of Universities and Research Centres, able to boast of an almost unrivalled long-term collaboration with some of the principle Italian universities. The acknowledged vertical competences and competitive edge of the organisation has also brought about the approach to the specific start-up sector, which requires accompanying appointed representatives in facing new matters for the first time.