An industrial invention is a technical solution that solves a technical problem in order to satisfy the identified need. The technical features of the invention therefore perform a technical function that allows the problem to be solved.

Basically, an industrial invention is the solution to a technical problem that has not yet been solved, a solution that is likely to be realized in the industrial field and which represents progress compared to existing technology and knowledge. An industrial invention therefore concerns innovative technical-functional features, such as an apparatus, a process, a product, a substance and/or a different use thereof.

In countries where a valid patent is obtained, the owner can prevent the production, sale or import of the product related to the protected invention or license the invention as well.

We have a broad experience in the patent field and provide advice at our clients on how to maximize patent protection and how to develop a patent portfolio, both in Switzerland and abroad.We operate with clients in different fields, ranging from mechanics to electronics, from food and beverage to consumer goods and fashion.

Among our services, we assess the patentability of our clients’ inventions, prepare and file patent applications, and follow the procedures for obtaining patents in any country and in any technology field.

Working directly with the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property in Bern, the Italian Patent and Trademark Office in Rome, the European Patent Office in Munich and the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva, we have a worldwide extensive experience in filing and obtaining patents and in opposition and appeal proceedings as well.